Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Yesterday we were out in the yard and Sadie had just announced that it was too hot to be out there and I was trying not to roll my eyes (because the high yesterday was 66) when Maggie picked up the sprinkler and started dragging it across the yard.

She brought it to me and put it in my hand and I took it and asked her "What do you want?"

"Rain!" She said in her sweet little voice.

"It's not quite warm enough for us to put the sprinkler on yet..." I explained.

She accepted the answer and took the sprinkler back and started pulling it around the yard behind her.  As she went I could hear her continuing to let us all know exactly why she had the sprinkler in her hand.

"Rain.  Go.  Go, go, go!  Big rain!  Go, rain, go!  Rain!!!!"

I love her creativity in letting me know what she wanted so clearly when she couldn't find the word for the name of thing she was holding in her hand.

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