Friday, April 24, 2015

Six Months

James had his six month well baby check yesterday.  He had jumped back onto the growth curve in weight from the 25th percentile back up above the 95th.  And his height had stayed above the 95th percentile.  And he was his super smiley self:

As we anticipated, this happened:

So he was referred to Early On for an eval since he appears to have a gross motor delay.

And now for some James giggles:

And now for the six month version of Name that Baby.

I cannot believe he's already this big.  Where did the last six months go?


  1. James, Patch, Maggie (lower left), Sadie (lower right)? I guess James didn't want to be left out of the Early On club ; )

    1. Yes! And I thought the same thing. And I thought that Patch may be jealous since his services are only once a month... until he kept telling his therapist "Bye, bye" at his last session!.

  2. Clockwise from top left- James, Patch, Sadie, Maggie. I love seeing all the pictures of your wonderful family!


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