Thursday, April 23, 2015

Patch's Favorite Picture

Yesterday Patch kept trying to take my phone and so finally I opened it to Facebook and began showing him pictures of himself when he was tiny.  

He was fascinated with the fact that the baby he was seeing wasn't "Buddy" and after pointing several times and telling me that it was, he was delighted and would laugh each time I said "No, that's you!  That's Baby Patchy!"  

When we came to this picture he looked at it for a long time and was quiet:

Then finally his face lit up and he looked at me and said:  "I shaking!  I shaking!" in an excited voice.

If you have kids who love Team Umizoomi you may know what he was talking about.

Patch is a big Team Umizoomi fan and his favorite part of Team Umizoomi is the end when they play this song and he runs around saying "I shaking!  I shaking like crazy!" and doing a little Patchy Dance:

Apparently Patch thought he was "crazy shaking" when he was a teeny tiny newborn.

And that idea made him very, very happy.  

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