Monday, June 18, 2018

A Tiny Wanderer

This video was hard to make.

Because to make it I just sort of let Tessie wander.

And I followed her.

But it still made my stomach sort of flip flop because of our history with Maggie and because in my mind the entire time I was looking forward towards the possible futures and wondering if Tessie's lack of a tether now means that she will be a determined eloper like her big sister in three or four more years.

Time will tell I guess and usually I don't stress about it.

But when I was filming this. Instinctively, it was hard not to, at a gut level.

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  1. Yep, my daughter had NO tether. Back then I had zero idea that was a sign of autism, just thought she was too independent/slash refused to listen to her parents. More than one very scary episode happened as a result of her running off, no idea that we were frantically calling after her. Even when she wasn't running off (a bit older and knew better) she would just wander off the opposite direction from everyone else, seemingly clueless. For awhile she had the nickname "wrong way" because she invariable went the opposite direction from the rest of us.


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