Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Updates: Week 6

 Can I just say how relieved I am that the years activities are coming to an end? And school?

I have never been so ready for summer.

Ballet is done for the year and we all made it through the recital.

I knew that Maggie would be really into the recital because she is every year. In fact she's pretty excited about just going to a ballet class, even when it involves sitting outside in the hallway, which is generally pretty boring.

What I didn't expect was Tessie to be completely and totally excited about the recital. She sat in her stroller in the side aisle and clapped wildly at the end of every day dance and sat and waved her hands and kicked her legs excitedly during her favorite numbers. It was so much fun to see her enjoying herself so much.

Gymnastics is nearly done. And I'm looking forward to a completely unorganized summer or playing, playing and more playing.

Horse therapy will continue. 

As will the other therapies of course.

Tessie continues to blow everyone's expectations out of the water every week in therapy.

Her progress has been amazing. Before she started therapy I knew that early intervention was important.

But I really didn't know how important it was.

Watching her learn and watching her make connections and then implement what she learns in her everyday life is amazing.

When Tessie started therapy she hardly seemed to notice anyone was around her (at least in a way that showed us that she noticed us).

During her intake appointment she refused to interact with the therapists or even really me. 

Now she runs down stairs and hides behind a wall giggling and when I come around the corner she's hiding, with two hands extended, pointing at me with both of them. When she sees me she looks at me and laughs and waits to be picked up. 

It's a game she came up with and that she loves that was unimaginable in February. 

That's not to say that she doesn't still have an enormous language delay (she is almost two says "mama" and "ya" and "uh oh") or that she doesn't still ignore her name most of the time, but there are so many big things, that are so very big that she would never do before, that she does now, happily, to connect with us, that it's pretty exciting. 

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