Monday, June 25, 2018

Sunday Updates: Week 8 and a Little Late

Today school starts again for a certain little mermaid who is going to be extremely excited when the bus arrives at our house and life goes somewhat back to school-year-normal.

And I'm thankful that she's going to have her afternoons off before going to school in the evenings so that she has the schedule that she loves with more of a summer than she usually has.

Yesterday I was sitting outside watching her play in the backyard when she spotted me.

She ran up to where I was sitting on the porch and grabbed my hand and said "Mommy up please!" and led me down to the grass and had me sit on the swing next to he with an occasional "Mommy push please" (although she seemed to be getting higher on the glider without me) and then lay with me on the grass and watched the birds while she told me "Birds say tweet tweet" and she pointed out the fact that we could see the moon and the sun at the same time.

Books and videos and anything involving the planets aren't quite mermaid level here, but they come in a close second.

And then the clouds rolled in rather quickly, because not long before she started saying "cheese" we had blue sky with some light fluffy clouds.

We managed to read a few more Bubble Guppy stories on the Kindle app on my phone before the skies opened up and we ran inside before the first rain drops hit the ground.

Maggie is a huge fan of the Bubble Guppy books on the kindle fire app. She is hard on books but she can't accidentally, or not accidentally (stimming) hurt those books. 

And she can swipe back and forth and they're still totally fine.  Which is great.

Sadie is enjoying being ten, a lot.

And last night she announced that we've really waited too long to start some sort of math summer program, so if I could get on that ASAP, it would really be a good thing. 

Apparently when she got to her new school she was ahead at math and she wants to make sure she stays ahead.

She's a teensy bit competitive. Especially about math.

The night before her birthday we always take a walk and a couple of years ago we snapped this picture:

Last year when we had a beautiful sky the night before her birthday we decided to try to make it a yearly thing and we did it again:

This year the sky absolutely was not cooperating and did not have a hit of any color other than gray and when I snapped the picture you couldn't really see Sadie against the backdrop. So I threw in some of her favorite purples and she loved the photo although it wasn't quite as natural.

 Also, as the development we live in has grown there are now two new houses in the empty field where we took that first photo which was kind of fun to walk by and see on our way to the spot where we took this one.

And now we are only a few days a way from a certain still-one-year old's birthday.

And she is definitely ready for it to be here turn.

Don't worry. She was eating cake a very short while after this photo was snapped and because of sensory issues she is not every very successful with ice cream. But that doesn't mean she doesn't love the idea of ice cream.

And that is my belated Sunday Update!



  1. Love the Maggie photos. Great lighting and cute subject. Loved that you figured out how to read to her with the app too.

    So funny about Sadie and her summer math. As a girl who was also ahead of her peers in math,I totally get that feeling. (Mom thought our math book was for 3rd grade, turns out it actually was supposed to be for 7th...)
    Do you know what you're going to use for her? My twin is obsessed with Math curriculum right now and I could ask her for some recommendations. I do know one of her favorites right now is Math Mammoth by Maria Miller. Super clear, well-explained and not expensive.


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