Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Updates: Week 7

 Tonight I asked Maggie if I could snap a picture to share what was new with her.

And she thought about it.

And teased me. "Hmmmm.... maybe not....."

But then she decided to share her new gap toothed smile:

Although I don't think she'll be missing both teeth for long because one is already making an appearance. So I definitely will not be saying that all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth.


Tessie is adjusting to the worst thing that has ever happened to her.

Namely the purchase of a crib.

Before this, after graduating from her bassinet, she moved into a playpen, which she was perfectly fine with. 

She stayed in it for so long because it fit at the foot of our bed and a crib would not fit in the master bedroom of our house, unless we switched rooms with Sadie, which involved carrying a king sized bed down two flights of stairs, and a full sized bed up two flights of stairs, which didn't sound all that appealing to anyone involved.

But finally, it had to be done, because there was literally no room in our room for Tessie, and with her apnea issues she needs to be near us when she's asleep and she needed more room.

So a few weeks ago we made the move. 

And two nights ago Paul set up the crib. 

Tessie expressed her displeasure by doing a handstand with her feet on the top bar of the crib.

It probably seems odd getting a crib when she's this old.

This crib does convert into two different, larger beds.

But the main reason we need a crib at this point, is because we need her to stay put at night for the monitor and with her wandering that won't happen without crib walls to keep her safely in place. So it's pretty necessary at the moment.


Today it was around 92 (and who knows what it was with humidity) which has been the trend with a very hot summer here in Michigan. 

We've been staying cool with trips to the lake, sprinklers, and filling up the little pool on the back deck. 

And of course Maggie wears her one of her mermaid swim suits.

Now to begin the two weeks of birthdays! Three birthdays in just about fourteen days! 


  1. Maggie looks so cute without front teeth! Hopefully Tessie stays in the crib...


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