Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Updates: Week 5

I think I wrote last week that Nani and Bopa arrived from California. Well this week their furniture arrived and the unpacking process began.

We are still smack dab in the middle of the end of the year rush, and really I'm just trying to get through all of these end of the year activities that all cluster around the last weeks of school while the weather in Michigan decided to pretend that we were in Florida except, maybe hotter than the entire time we were in Naples. 

I can only say how thankful I am that this house has central air because if we still lived in the Lansing house we would be taking ice cold showers and trying to sleep in front of the fan and hoping summer went by quickly and instead we've been able to be outside enjoying summer, before escaping back inside. 

Patrick is loving being done with school for the summer.

Today he announced that he "is not a fan" of the number three. He said this while sitting across the table from James, who is three. This very well may have been the point.

He then continued on the explain that that is why when he counts he says "One, two, four, five, six, seven..." because three is "a little number and boring and not important and so I'm not going to be saying it."

Sadie, of course, spent the better part of ten minutes then, trying to explain to him why he was wrong, which just made him more stubbornly adamant that he would never use the number three and that it was entirely unnecessary for everything.

He ought to be a lot of fun in kindergarten next year. 


Meanwhile James saw this video and was obsessed: 

He announced that he was the baby and I was the mommy and  then sat and watched and narrated the entire thing with "Why are you doing that to me? I'm only running away because I'm trying to get you more celery! That's the only reason I'm climbing up there away from you and it looks like I'm running away. I'm just getting celery. Don't worry it's fine. You can find some more later."


My favorite part of this entire week may have been tonight when Maggie and my "Maggie and Mommy Time" was coming to an end.

Maggie has not ever let me read to her, at least not since she was old enough to wrestle books away from me and shred them into millions of tiny pieces and basically make actually laying eyes on the words physically impossible.

And then at her IEP meeting her teacher said "and I know how much you Maggie loves to read with you" and went on to talk about how much she LOVE TO BE READ TO AT SCHOOL.

I'm pretty sure I kept my mouth from falling open. Barely. I also managed to not fall out of my chair.

After I shook off the guilt, I tried to read to her again at home.

And let me say that it was not a smooth process that first day for me or the book. Because she has expectations of different people and apparently her expectation of her time with me is that we are going to be scripting about Bubble Guppies 24/7 when we are together (which is basically her favorite thing on earth to do) and that does not involve books interfering with me saying "Molly is a mermaid with a freckle on her toe and she swim, swim, swims under the sea" in exactly the right away 50 million times.

I decided to use the kindle app the second night, since the actual book seemed to be part of the problem. And that second day we had... a lovely time reading a Curious George book over and over again.

Tonight I went into her room and she... had a book. And was reading it. And let me read to her. And when I left she held up her book and said "I read book?" and when I said she could she said "Last one?" and my heart just about melted while simultaneously bursting with happiness.

So the progress in the "being read to" category is real. And just in time for her short summer break.


Now to get some sleep and rest up for tomorrow.

Sadie and Patch both have a big day with their big annual ballet recital!

And surprisingly (for a Sunday) there was a video today of fun times at the lake. Because it was so hot that we just had to do something to cool off: 


  1. That's awesome about Maggie and her reading! (And hilarious about Patrick & the number 3!)

  2. What fun times when they are this age!

  3. So happy about Maggie's reading progress. What great timing for you and the rest of the kids too.

    So exited that grandparents are moving closer to you. I bet you and the kids are so excited. I'm sure they will be a big help too.


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