Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer, Summer, Busy Summer

We have a new schedule, at least until Monday, and the greatest relief is that gymnastics is over and that when week five came along I was smart enough to pull the kids out and not let the gym auto re-enroll them, and that ballet is over for the summer, because this schedule, while only lasting for ten days, is tough.

Basically Tessie has therapy from 9-12 and Maggie has therapy from 4-7 at the therapy center, which is thirty miles from our house.

Paul has to be at work long before 9 because most days he's in court (he usually leaves around six thirty) which means I am the transportation for three of the four pickup/drop offs.

So we go to town and hang out until lunch time, pick up Tessie, come home and have lunch and play in the back yard, and then turn around and  go back, and drop off Maggie, just as James and Tessie have drifted off to sleep usually ("wake up guys! It's time to get in the van!"), since apparently Tessie is attempting to push her naps way, way back to almost dinner time.

Then we drop of Maggie and come home.

And of course I have asked if Maggie and Tessie can have therapy at the same time (when Tessie was diagnosed this seemed like a grand idea).


Maggie has a coveted afternoon spot. And once you have an afternoon/evening spot, which Maggie has to have during the school year, you can't give it up, unless you want to give it up forever.

And... we need it come September.  And Tessie... she is not awake at seven at night, and when she is would not be at her best doing therapy at the same hours that Maggie is doing therapy at.

Thus the double drop off pick up times. For now. While Tessie is tiny and not in school.

Anyways. That was much, much longer than I thought it would be.

The other day I caught Maggie with her iPad on video mode, making videos with her Bubble Guppy doll.

And that was when I suspected that she might want to make a video with me again.

When I showed her the video screen on my phone and she said "I cute!" and starting having an animated conversation while watching herself I knew she was on board with making a video (because Maggie seriously lets me know when she isn't).

And this is what followed. I love our night time conversations. And I love having them recorded now and then so I can see how they change from month to month, over time.

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