Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cutting Patch's Hair

Something that surprises me is that Patrick is (or maybe I should now say was) my kid who was the most afraid of hair cuts.

When I made the video of James with the Calming Clippers that I bought, Patrick wasn't in it because he was too afraid to let the clippers near his head. A few days later he asked Paul to cut his hair with regular clippers (because the scissors were too scary he said) and sobbed the entire time.

I kept telling him the the Calming Clippers were different and that they wouldn't make noise and that they wouldn't hurt him but he wouldn't believe me.

Then last week he asked me for a haircut and I said that I didn't want to go through the whole routine of crying and sobbing. I wanted to use the new scissors.

And he really wanted a haircut before his dance recital. So he reluctantly agreed.

When I made that first cut he said "it didn't hurt!" in shock and then sat there, happily for the rest of the haircut.

And that is the best experience of his entire five and a half years of life.

Calming Clippers did send me a shield to review (I bought the clippers myself) after seeing my last review and how James hated the hair falling in his face, and Patch tried that out too.

James thinks the shield is hilarious.

And I am so thankful we have these since we have two boys who are so afraid of the sound and vibrations that regular clippers make. It's made haircuts so much easier.

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