Friday, June 15, 2018

Answered Prayers (in unexpected places!)

What a relief!

The best part of this whole entire entire day of fun and running around town is the end of the videom because the day before yesterday I was at Once Upon a Child and I found one of the things on my wish list that I needed for Tessie's crib setup in case she loses her medical monitor (although she hasn't yet thank goodness!).

Paul had been working and working a ton (think leaving at 6:30 most days and getting home at around 7:30 each night) and billing and billing a ton but hadn't been able to collect on that billing for about two months until recently, so I hadn't been able to purchase the monitors I have been planning on getting, which made things more than a little stressful around here (the joys of starting a small business), but when I saw this one I had a gift card from the store. It felt like it was meant to be!

So this takes a huge weight off my mind.  And makes this awesome day even better!

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