Friday, June 22, 2018

Sadie's 10th Birthday

 When I started this blog, Sadie was a tiny baby.

Which is why it is so strange to think that yesterday she hit double digits and is now ten years old.

Can you believe it?

My baby is ten!

And I've been blogging for nearly a decade (although I started in December so this isn't an actual anniversary).  I'm shocked by both of those facts.

Paul was in court nearly all day on Sadie's birthday so we did most of the thing's Sadie requested (going to Chuck E Cheese and the aquatic center) the day before.

But on her actual birthday we still had some fun plans.

In the morning we did presents and then we went out to lunch at the restaurant of her choice:

And for the third year in a row she picked out a lobster.

And she ate every single bite:

Then we came home and had cake. Which was delicious. I am pretty sure that this cake inspired the entire birthday theme:

And here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day before her birthday:

It was really a good thing that we did end up celebrating the day before, because one of the littler kids ended up getting pretty sick in the afternoon, and their pediatrician wanted to see them, and so I made an emergency trip back to town, where they ended up having to get some pretty unpleasant meds.

And while that kid is doing better today, they're still pretty sad for now.

I'm hoping tomorrow we see really big improvement. It has been a rough season of cold/flu/general illness and I am ready for summer to hopefully end all that.

At least it wasn't the birthday girl.

She definitely enjoyed her big day:


  1. When you began your blog, you'd have Sadie do these hysterical happy/confused/angry faces. Without letting her look at them you should have her do them again and make a comparison. That would be soooo funny.

  2. Happy Birthday to Sadie! Entering the double digits is a milestone!Watching the video made me wax nostalgic- when my eldest turned 10,my 5th (and final) child was 18 mos- she will be 34 in about 5 weeks,and my "baby" is 25. Where did the time go? Enjoy! And thank you for sharing this celebration!


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