Saturday, June 9, 2018

Last Day of 3rd Grade Silliness

Yesterday was Sadie's last day of third grade. And she was very excited, both to bring home an awesome report card and to announce that she is now a third grader.

This mom may be a little stressed upon realizing that elementary school in our town only goes up to fourth grade. After next year she will be going on to... middle school.

And I will probably be saying every five minutes "how is my BABY in middle school?!?!?"

So be ready for that.

Her first day of third grade.
Her first day at her new school.
And her last day of third grade.

I can't be too surprised though, since we had to walk around the middle school a few weeks ago, and she was with me and was fully taller than half of the students there. Which is around when I started asking at what age kids go to middle school here (in the town I grew up in, it was just a change of quads in seventh grade).

But I don't want to give away everything I'll be writing about tomorrow. So instead I'll say that she and I had a lot of fun and so many giggles making this video, which I think is something like 50% us giggling while trying out these two sheet masks I found at Target.

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  1. Wow, fourth grade. Glad she is excited and looking forward to it. I love the pictures too.

    I do think that moving fifth grade into middle school is interesting. So they move up at fifth grade and stay in the same school until moving to high school in ninth? I imagine it's nice for the kids. They have a visable marker of how far they have come.


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