Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Day I Handed Paul a Camera

This day, and as a result this video, has so much information in it that I almost don't even know where to begin.

First off, I spill the beans and talk about how the school bus crashed into our parked car the one night that Paul got home before me and parked on the street outside our house, because he knew he would have to leave before me in the morning (but not apparently before the bus picked up Maggie on that particular day, which is rather shocking).

Did I mention I have some school bus angst? First because they let Maggie run all over the bus when that one (different driver decided not to put her in five point harness or stop the bus to rectify the situation), and then because the bus was so very late so many times (we're talking more than 10 minutes and up to 40 minutes... picking up 2-3 children), and then... this.

However I was thrilled when I saw her summer bus driver pull up and it was one of our all time favorite bus drivers who I had prayed that she would have this school year, so maybe just maybe this summer will go smoothly. I'm really hoping.

And I talk about how after seven months of waiting (okay not really waiting because I wasn't really impatient for this appointment at all) I went down to Ann Arbor for a doctor's appointment for a fourteen gene panel of testing that will look at certain genes for both cancer and autism.

That all started because I kept getting ads for the those commercial cancer tests in my Facebook feed, and I asked my doctor if they were worth it, and after going over some family history he said he didn't think commercial testing was ever a good idea but he did think genetic testing for me was worth looking into.

And that is basically how we got to yesterday, where I met with a genetic counselor and then a doctor and then sat down in a lab and they took a tablespoon of blood after answering about a hundred questions about whether or not I would be too anxious to handle life if they did find out that I had some inherited sort of faulty tumor suppressing gene.

But the fun part of the day, and I feel like this is one of the funnest videos I've made (at least part of it is) was when my camera got into Paul's hands and he got pretty silly on camera, while four out of five kids all tried to pile on him at the same time.

And now my time for writing is up because he has to be at three different court houses tomorrow and it's time to turn out the lights so I can be up before the kids tomorrow to hopefully have time to proof read and add a few photos here!


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