Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ready, Set, Swim

Earlier this week I overheard Patrick and Sadie arguing about whether or not Michigan had crocodiles in the rivers.

Patrick insisted that of course we did.

Sadie said that we don't.

And I smiled because I don't think that Sadie remembers that she was the one who started the alligator stories when she was all of four years old and she decided to tell her two year old sister that there were alligators in the rivers here to make them less appealing to a two year old mermaid.

It didn't work. 

Mermaids love water. She was always on the lookout for an opportunity to dart towards it and she would glare at anyone who suggested it was "alligator" or "shark" water.

But apparently someone believed Sadie's stories.


And in some of my favorite therapy news ever, apparently Maggie set up an obstacle/gymnastic course at  therapy, on her own, and then requested that her therapist say "ready, set, swim" and then would go through it while smiling hugely.

That basically made everyone's day yesterday.

I don't think anyone can say she doesn't have a fantastic imagination. 

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