Monday, September 24, 2018

The 12 Year Anniversary

This weekend was our twelve year wedding anniversary, which means that it has also been exactly 13 years since our first date.

And in honor of our anniversary I decided to put together our notoriously bad family photos (if we had good ones I would of course use those, but this is our family, so... we'll use what we've got) because a lot has happened in the last twelve years and sometimes it's fun to look back.

For those who haven't been along long enough to know, if Paul's hair isn't super short, he has pretty fantastic curls.

Okay, this one is actually one of my favorites.

Everyone is looking at the camera. Pretty good for us.

And I love this one.

Things didn't really go south in the family photo department until a bit later.

I guess around 2010.

Sadie didn't stand still long enough to join us in this one.

At this moment Paul was just about to jump in the truck to head to Ave.

And in this we were spending our last day in Florida on our way up to Michigan!

Here the girls (and Patch-o-saurus) were trick-or-treating at the law school!

 And in this one we were visiting California!


 I searched everywhere for a family photo from 2016 and I'm convinced that one does not exist. In fact this was the only photo with Paul and I both in it that I could find.

He was not on board with my pre c-section selfie.

2017 was apparently not a great year for family photos (and looking at the camera) either.

 But this is one of my all time favorites. Even if very few people are actually looking at the camera.

Because look at those smiles.

And that brings us to the twelve year anniversary lunch.

It isn't always easy taking our bunch out to eat, but we went to the restaurant that Paul worked at during law school during a slow time, and they put us in a little space that is perfect for our family, and it worked out really well, even if it was a teensy bit chaotic at times.

Because yes, that totally qualifies as a "teensy bit" chaotic around here.

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