Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Flyers are Gone

I'm hesitant to post videos in which I break down, sob hysterically and admit to apparently committing a felony (but I guess I unknowingly did that yesterday when I so joyfully posted my flyer idea), but some of you have been with me for a while and what's a little oversharing between friends who've been along for the ride for nearly a decade (besides Paul is now explaining that it "requires willful intent" according to whatever he's reading right this second, which obviously we didn't have).

You guys. Today has been rough.

I'm running on not that much sleep.

Last night Sadie had a sleep study up at Devos Children's and what I was planning on doing was coming home and doing some cleaning and maybe taking a nap because the little pull out couches at the hospital are not all that comfortable now that I'm not as young as I once was.

I spent a lot of last night, not sleeping.

But then my phone rang.

It was a local number and my mind immediately jumped to wondering if there was a problem at school with one of the kids.

But it wasn't that.

It was a problem at the post office with the flyers that they had confiscated and they were calling to berate and scold me for the better part of five minutes.

My quick apology was not enough.

Because why accept a contrite and genuine apology when you can continue to shame and yell at a mother who was obviously desperately trying to keep her child safe?

I mean really obviously I was trying to cheat the US Postal Service out of stamps, right?

No actually, the move to put flyers in boxes was pure desperation born of trying to reach neighbors who wouldn't answer their doors or interact with us in any other way.

And not many people have storm doors here, or we would have put them between those, I promise.

Obviously neither Paul or I knew this particular law (sigh) or we would have found another way, cramming them under doors or something along those lines, but at the time, it seemed like a good idea.  I've seen neighbors put things in my box and I'd never had a problem with it, returning all the letters that our postal deliver frequently puts in the wrong place.

Mostly I was just grateful that it didn't take several days to get them back when she misdelivers this that are important.

I'm not quite sure it was deserving of quite that level of scolding after I'd made it clear I a) was sorry and b) had no idea it was against the rules. But she needed to be certain I'd "never try anything like this ever again."

Right. Mission accomplished.

I'm pretty sure this experience is pretty unforgettable.


  1. Wait... are post boxes property of the US Postal Service? I would say they are property of the owners of the houses, right? What's the difference between putting a flyer on someone's doorstep or in their mail box? I would say putting it in the mail box is more respectful and requires no tresspassing. That law makes no sense. Don't let them bully you.

    1. Apparently they are? Which is weird, right? So when I read your question I googled it and google says yes that mailboxes belong to the federal government and that why it's a huge crime to vandalize them (tell that to the kids that come through our neighborhood ramming them with cars periodically).

      The little explanation I found on the USPS page makes it sound like they made the law so boxes don't get to crowded with an afterthought about how they did it so people wouldn't pretend they were putting things in and then steal mail and steal people's identities. And I know all this because yesterday I read way, way too much about federal laws and putting mail in people's mailboxes apparently.

      But yeah... Paul and I are both writing letters complaining about her behavior... because whether or not the flyers were legal (the law says you have to know it's illegal and have intent, which we didn't have) she definitely still acted inappropriately... so... that's one of the things we're doing now.

  2. I'm so sorry that happened! Good grief, you would think you were handing out flyers to advertise a shady business, not keep a child safe. I know they needed to tell you the law, ok, but sheesh.... a little compassion would have been nice.

    1. Thank you Angela. I know I kept thinking the exact same thing. You would really think that that was exactly what I was doing by the reaction that she had. Other than the whole "I know this important to you" bit you'd think I was putting something horrible in there!

  3. I’m so sorry. People suck sometimes.

    1. Thank you Tamar. The good thing is that today's been better and I'm brainstorming ideas. So hopefully I'll be able to get something out before the week is up to those neighbors who didn't get their flyers.

  4. Cam,I know it must hurt ,you are doing everything right to protect your daughter from harm. Who knew it was against the law to do that.
    I keep you and Paul and the kids in my prayers.

    1. Thank you so much Tina. We appreciate the prayers so much.

  5. Reading your post, I am reminded of the words of my late mother, who often said, "A clerk is a jerk." (My mom was an accountant, but would always list her job as "clerk" on her income tax returns...she said that was enough info for the IRS. And...that USPS lady would have been the one in tears if she had made that call to my mother. Mom did not suffer fools.I'm sensitive, like you...but I wish I were more like her (the woman had a gift for being intimidating...the priests and sisters of our parish/school tiptoed around her, back in the 1960s and early 1970s - as a child, it was interesting to watch). YOU ARE AN EXCELLENT MOTHER. Shame on that puffed up idiot.

    1. Thank you Maryann. I totally smiled at your description of your mother, because I would have loved to see that. I spoke with one of our other neighbors today and she said that she was mean to everyone and knew immediately who it was. Now to regroup and come up with another way to get the word out.


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