Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Still Broken Down Car, a Q&A, and What I've Been Up To

They're saying that at the earliest now my car will be ready on Friday, which means it will be a little over a week since it's been in the shop. Life without a car makes me feel a little bit like James in the picture below.

Okay that's not entirely true.

I was very lucky that my car broke when it did. If it had broken a week earlier my parents would have been entirely out of town and we would have been a whole lot more stuck than we are now. 

As it is right now we aren't really stuck at all.

We just have to take multiple cars any time we all need to go anywhere, which while inconvenient, is not the end of the world. 

I will be thrilled, however, when my little white van is back in the driveway, running smoothly again. 

Meanwhile, it is spirit week this week, which was kicked off with "Camo Day." 

Because none of the kids owned camo clothing, Nani and I swung by Once Upon a Child and found a vast array of appropriate camo shirts and pants and sweatshirts and just like that the kids were set for the first day of spirit week.

And I did my first ever Q&A over on Youtube and answered a bunch of questions about all things autism related, which went up this afternoon.

Now to finish what we will call my bedroom reorganization, but what is really me finally unpacking from last May when we switched rooms with Sadie right before the chaos of summer.

It is finally getting done and it feels absolutely amazing to be getting everything in place exactly how I want it to be. I'm going to breath a huge sigh of relief when this project is actually done.

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