Sunday, October 21, 2018

Video Evidence of the Mermaid and the Penguins and a Very Happy Maggie

Was there video footage, you might have wondered, of the mermaid incident, with the penguins?

Well, not of the mermaid flying through the air.

But yes. There was immediately afterwards.

Of course there was. Because I was taking little videos of the Halloween Zoo fun and there was no point in the night when she was having more fun then when she had safely delivered her pink mermaid doll in to the penguin water.

See that smile:

I think the only fleeting moment of unhappiness was when she realized that she was going to have to leave to go and do something else, because she would have like to stay there with her face pressed up against the glass forever, loving watching the mermaid yarn hair float amid the rocks, at least until closing time.

But it was time for the tractor ride, and to report her mermaid flinging crime to the docents.

There never was a happier pink doughnut in all the world than our pink doughnut that night.

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