Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Family" Urgent Care

As I mentioned in my earlier post, everyone in the house has some sort of flu/cold combo that we're all trying to kick.  Sadie was the hardest hit yesterday, going to lay down in her room by herself and then telling Nani on the phone that she was too sick to go on an airplane to see her (Nani and Grumpa are flying out tomorrow and apparently Sadie had the travel plans switched around).

When Paul got home from classes I told him that I thought we should try to get her in to see someone, since it was Friday, and I didn't want to wait until the weekend and be stuck going to the ER.  Thankfully we'd just gotten a flier in the mail for a clinic, not far from our apartment.  It said "Family Center" and "Urgent Care" with a "average 10 minute wait time" and, the icing on the cake, "$35 per appointment."  The $35 was my favorite part, because most of the urgent care places we've been to don't take our insurance, and on a sliding scale for income we still paid around $100 for the doctor to say Mae had an ear infection (which we knew) and to write a prescription for antibiotics (I'd hate to see what the "scale" was for people above the poverty level because that seems a little steep to me).  And since the girls' doctor doesn't have a receptionist, but goes straight to an answering machine, we knew we wouldn't be getting in to see him before the weekend began.

So Paul called the office and said that we had two sick little girls who needed an appointment.  He came back into the room a few minutes later, shaking his head:  "They said they don't see kids.  They don't have a pediatrician."  I had figured that they wouldn't have a pediatrician, but since we just moved from a small town, our girls have both always seen general practitioners, and that's never been an issue.  "It's kind of weird," he continued, "since this flier says "family center."

Which does leave you wondering.  What exactly does "family" mean in "family center urgent care" practice if you don't see children?  How would it be any different from any other Urgent Care center (and actually the other, non-"family" urgent care center did see Mae for her ear infection)?

I'm baffled.  I guess they just like how the name sounded.

Thankfully Sadie and Mae both seem a little better this morning.  We'll be resting up because we are traveling a few hours to meet Nani and Grumpa someplace fun, after Mass tomorrow.  Paul has a week off (from classes, if not studying) so we're going to try to make the most of it (although I'm sure there will still be lots of studying!).


  1. Do you have a minute clinic or take care clinic at a local CVS or Walgreens? They see children as young as 18-24 months old. I've had to take my girls to them on weekends when the pediatrician could not see them. The wait is usually short and the cost is usually less than our regular dr. (we have a high deductible ins plan)

  2. That is strange that they would call themselves a "family" center but not actually see "families"! Sorry to hear that! Glad the girls seem better this morning; it's no fun being sick! The flu is for sure going around...

  3. So sorry to hear about your health issues. That "family care center" doesn't live up to its name, apparently.

    At the risk of sounding like a very careful grandma, please know that if your girls - or you - are still ill with a cold or flu virus, it would be a kindness to other families to stay home from Mass, as painful as that would be for you.

    Many parishioners (the elderly, very young, those with compromised immune systems) are quite vulnerable and could be at risk from any virus. (I am thinking of my 91 year old, frail Dad, who develops pneumonia after any cold these days.)

    Here's praying that all are well soon.

    God bless.


  4. Maybe it's more of a family planning center? I hope not!

    We have the same bug going around here. My husband got it about 10 days ago and now I have it. I'm bummed because I'm going to miss the rite of election, today. (My hubby will be confirmed this Easter). But I don't want to share this nasty bug with anyone else. I would be sitting with the babies and little kids so I'm staying home. He feels I should stay home as well but I'll be praying like crazy for him!

  5. Oh we definitely skip Mass when we're sick (or only the people who are well go... or like two weeks ago, everyone but me is sick and I stay home and take care of them!). I guess my "we're going to Mass tomorrow" is my undying optimism that against all odds we will all be well tomorrow! :0) Wishful thinking!

    Here's hoping!

  6. "Undying optimism" is a good thing! ;) Here's praying all (or at least some!) are "up and taking nourishment" (as my mom used to say) very quickly.


    BTW - these "security words" to prove we are not robots have gotten ridiculous lately, on every blog I go to!

  7. Oh, that stinks! So weird that a "family center" doesn't treat kids. She still looks pretty cute, despite that cut:)

  8. I would ask them why they call themselves a "family" clinic if they don't see kids. Just what makes it a "family" clinic then? I'd love to know what they say.


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