Friday, February 24, 2012

"I Have to Kneel..."

The girl have both been sick and have been having a tough couple of days, with a horrible cough that I'm hoping goes away soon.  Last night Sadie got into bed and snuggled under the covers sleepily and I realized before she did what we'd forgotten to do.  Before we begin the family rosary she always says her own nightly prayer.  I asked her if she could say her prayers and there was a pause in the darkness before she gave the answer that I knew was coming.

"I need to kneel."

I asked if she couldn't please pray laying down, just this once, since she was already tucked in (and more importantly, since she was pretty sick).  This time the answer came more quickly, in a tone that sounded like tears might be close behind.

"I need to kneel to say my prayers."

So she climbed out of bed in the dark, knelt down and prayed, although this time the prayer was quite a bit shorter than it sometimes is, without the long pauses or the fancy words that she sometimes throws in.  Then she scrambled back into bed and I tucked her in again.

These past few weeks she's been quite an inspiration to me.  When we talking, and frequently when she's praying, she says things and the first thought that pops into my head is that we really can't take credit for this.  While a little seed may have been planted during family prayers and while reading her little Bible and talking about the saints, the way that her faith has taken root leaves me wide eyed frequently.

Don't get me wrong.  She's a typical little girl.  She's put in time out a half dozen times on a "bad day."  She tells me "no!" and has been having a little problem with "sassiness" this last week.  But she also goes and gets my Magnificat out of the drawer and says:  "Here Mommy, I got your prayers book, I'll pray with you."  And she tells me "I want to please God!" as often as she goes to time out.

This new interest in kneeling has an interesting two part origin.  She became interested in kneeling after we talked about it, in whispers for a few moments, during Mass one day.  Then she noticed that Saint Therese kneels to pray and fold her hands in her little books (which was followed by her coming over to me and to her dad during the day and saying: "Can you please fold your hands" frequently).  Then she noticed that Snow White kneels and prays.

Saint Therese and Snow White?

That did it.  The child now has to kneel.  The plea to kneel comes in the same teary voice that she sometimes tells met that she wants to be a "nun saint."

Her fervor has been inspirational to me as we've begun Lent.  I pray that it carries over, through her entire life!


  1. I'm so glad you shared that with us. I have a feeling I'll be kneeling a lot more often.

    I love that she noticed Snow White kneeling. I can't even remember her praying. I guess I'm gonna have to watch it soon. :)

  2. So cute! Snow White has always been my favorite because of her prayer life ;). I too have little ones that amaze me with their sense of devotion. Such a blessing.


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