Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mae Bae and Maximus

I'm pretty sure "Maximus," the horse that Sadie got for her birthday, has a 3+ age recommendation... Mae Bae, however, doesn't recognize that fact.  Mae Bae is our climber and is now big enough to climb up and go for a ride.  She first climbed up and sat behind Sadie looking the wrong way...

Sadie wasn't thrilled when I saw and told her to stop bouncing up and down like a crazy person with her sister sitting behind her...

But they kind of made it work... overall... although Mae does look a little squished..

Then she climbed up on her own (with Mommy saying:  "Mae Bae!!!  Sit down!!!!!")...

And finally:

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  1. So sweet! :) Love the palm trees right outside your window.


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