Friday, February 3, 2012

A Sadie Frown for Komen

So... Komen...

I think they just surpassed Kraft as the company that I dislike the most.  They have announced that they going back on their earlier announcement and will be funding Planned Parenthood.  I urge every one of you to boycott them.  It's ridiculous.

Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.  They provide women with Class 1 Carcinogen's and they murder children.  And that's where your dollars go when you buy a product with their little pink ribbon on it.

Oh yeah.  And they're apologizing for thinking about cutting the funding.  They should apologize to the pro-lifers who donated this last week.  I feel like picketing Komen events.  This is disgusting.

Edited to Add:
There is this link from Jill Stanek.  This is apparently a ploy to get the pro-deathers off of Komen's back and nothing is changed.  They're only fulfilling already given grants, which was apparently part of the original wording.  That's unfortunate if it's true, because it's shattered any trust or support I would have given Komen.  Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice...  Yeah... They're back on our boycott list.  I don't trust them. 


  1. If prolifers really want to help we should start fighting for real safe and clean health clinics for women who are low income and in minority neighborhoods to have access to pap smears, mammograms,etc. Clinics like that are far and few in between and I have been to planned parenthood in the past for pap smears when my parents didn't have health insurance. For some women planned parenthood is their only option and its time for us to give them a better one since most state run health clinics are a joke and unsanitary.

  2. Agreed, this is sickening. People really do love their abortions, don't they?

  3. Sometimes I am tired of being right all the time.

  4. Lexie- I worked at Planned Parenthood. I've also been to low income clinics because... well... we could make twice what we do now and still be below the poverty level. I really don't see that big a difference. Actually they seem exactly the same to me (with the exception that I have been to low income clinics that are nicer).

    And we should all remember that they don't do mammograms.

    Yes, there's a problem with health care in this country. But PP is never the solution. Or an excuse.

  5. The problem with us getting "better" clinics is when we do, PP attacks them and puts them out of business. They are not in the business of helping women, they're in the business of making money.

  6. The low income clinics in my area at least are unsanitary and beyond gross. It's sad that there isn't a better safer option that doesn't do abortions but provides woman with health services that they wouldn't try to shut down. I know they have crisis pregnancy centers, but I haven't seen any clinics for health that don't do abortions.

  7. Have you actually gone through the process of finding the clinics though Lexie? I'm just curious because you don't see the clinics where I am either, but if you actually go through the health department they'll tell you where they are (the crisis pregnancy centers do too). I called, got a name, and that's where we go. In California it was way easier, but here the clinics appear cleaner/nicer than the county hospital.

    Nothing could possibly convince me to go to PP. I had retained placental tissue and I wouldn't go in. Their monsters. I'd go to the ER first if I needed something that badly.

    In my experience there are better options. You may have to make a phone call or go to the county find them, but they exist. There are a wide array of options for people who are poor enough to need help in our country. It isn't always easy, there can be a lot of red tape, but options do exist.

    Sorry, I've likely spent more time in PP than the average person and I can't find a single good thing to say about them. And having been the person who walked in and sprayed down the little tables and wiped them with a towel, I doubt there's much difference between the sanitizing at PP and at your local clinic.

  8. This shows how powerful Planned Parenthood is (or is perceived to be) and how absolutely thuggish they are to anyone who puts a roadblock in their way.

    We must all try to do everything in our power to expose them for what they are: a well funded, well-oiled repository of evil.

    Komen has caved to the tremendous pressure. There is less than no reason for them to give any funding to PP, if their purpose is fighting breast cancer. Few, if any, of their locations provide mammograms, most of their clients are younger than those most at risk for breast cancer, and the hormones in birth control bills may increase the risk of cancer. Very nasty business.


    I actually sat at this site for a few minutes going from state to state to see, and I can't find a single clinic that does provide mammograms. Not that I would go for one there. I was looking for information to back up Cam's statement of them not doing so. Also there is this site from last year :
    Of course you have people who wouldn't believe it even if they sat down and did the calling themselves.

    How selfish of PP to use the rue of "we provide mammograms" as a way to construe SGK into continuing support since SGK is about breast cancer awareness

  10. SGK isn't really for fighting breast cancer now is it? They know PP doesn't do anything to fight anything they just choose to toe that as the party line. Just as I told Maria on her Blog the other day, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. We just don't squeak loud enough.

  11. I always wait for proof in action before I believe any organization that funds Planned Parenthood has changed. It is sadly all too often proven to be the correct choice.

    I was hoping to be wrong this time. :(

  12. It's true, they don't provide mammograms or various other services (some of the PP's near me don't do abortions on site), they give referrals to clinics that can provide them.

    Hardly the same thing and I wish more people would realize this. If Komen wants to redeem itself, they can contribute directly to clinics that do mammograms and cut out PP since they are pretty much just acting as a middle man.

  13. I have a friend who swears that the ones in East TX do provide mammograms and that they aren't allowed to do abortions there. I'm not sure how true this is though... and true or not that's how many clinics out of how many others that don't/do. Throw in other issues with the place and I don't see it justifying supporting them.

  14. I have since I used to be on the state health card since I was 21 due to being adopted. The one clinic was in a bad area of town and the place was run down like no other and is not a place I felt safe going to. My other option was to drive 1 and a half hours away since they accepted the medical card. I thankfully no longer am in that predicament and no longer support planned parenthood, but I would like to put more effort into helping clinics and crisis pregnancy centers function without being shut down. So I can sympathize with those who have no other access to healthcare or the means to travel to find a different health center. For me my big wake up call was when I was having pain which turned out to be endometriosis diagnosed two years later and I asked them at the time if they could do an ultrasound to make sure and they told me they only did ultrasounds for abortions. I was floored because here I was possibly having who knows what going and they couldn't help me which now shouldn't have been surprising. Sorry to let this comment drag on, but bottom line is I was once a supporter but I now support life for all.

  15. Every time I start chasing money around, I find that it's a lot like playing the six degrees of Abortion.

  16. Lexie that's so awful! I'm sorry you went through that. I can definitely relate to the "having once been a supporter but not any more..." with my own history. I'm kind of thankful to have had the up close look at PP that I had, but ugh... I wish I'd never supported them in any way!


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