Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl 2012


The girls had a blast though.  They ran back and forth across the living room playing with a bouncy ball and crashing in to each other.  Sadie told me as she was falling asleep (at half time) that she really likes "that show."


  1. I figured that the mood in your house would be somber.

    Though I grew up in Boston, the Giants have so many BC guys playing for them that I just had to pull for them. Tom Coughlin is a wonderful man, Catholic (even studied for the priesthood) and coach, and I'm so happy for him. Just wish that present-day BC was as Catholic as Coughlin! :(

    Can't tell my 92 year old Dad near Boston that I was pulling for the enemy this year. ;)


  2. Hi Cam!

    We were practically neighbors:) I grew up in Concord, went to Berkeley and then did my masters at St. Mary's. What a small world!

    Your girls are adorable! So cute. Love those blue eyes!

  3. I'm not a sports fan (except for horse racing--love that!) but it is wonderful to see families getting together and enjoying an event and the kids having a blast and people happy!

    I think I will plan my next feast day the way people plan their super bowl parties.

  4. Oh how funny Jennie! What years were you at SMC? I was there from 200-2004. I'm guessing that since you got your masters there you were there after that?

  5. I'm originally from NY and the Giants are the ONLY NY team I root for, so I was quite happy they won. I only got to see the last bit of the game but still it was a great bit to watch.

    Now.... back to college basketball.. :) Go Duke! (They've been horribly inconsistent this year, but I love Coach K so I have to keep cheering them on. )

    I haven't been paying attention to baseball the last few years, but I feel like I may need to this year even if just to tide me over until football in September again. lol

  6. Hmm, let me think. I believe I was there starting in 2006. Did your husband go to SMC too?

  7. We met after college. He went to University of Arizona, but he did go to USF from 2007-2010 for his MA in theology. What graduate program did you do at SMC? My dad used to teach in the educational leadership program.

  8. I was in the Educational Leadership program! Who was your Dad? Oh my goodness, small world!

  9. Oh how funny! I think his last year was 2003 or 2004 (it was right around when I graduated!), so it was a few years before you started! I grew up visiting SMC (we lived about four hours north) for his classes though! It is such a small world!


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