Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saint Therese and Saint Scholastica...

Sadie has a new saying that she says every night before she falls asleep.  After she says her prayers she whispers:  "Mommy.  I am Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.  And Mae Bae is Sister Scholastica!"  To which I whisper:  "Saint Scholastica... she was a saint!"  And then Sadie whispers back, "I am Saint Therese of the Child Jesus!  And Mae Bae is Saint Scholastica!" before falling asleep.

I have a feeling she's hoping for new habits for herself and Mae Bae...

But I can just imagine how that would unfold...  with Sadie trying to force Mae Bae to wear a veil.  And Mae Bae trying to put her veil on me.  Which would be followed by Sadie following me around her house saying:  "Mommy can you make Mae Bae wear her nun outfit?  Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..."

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