Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow White

My brain has been feeling a bit like mush these past few days.  Maybe it's all the political drama of the past few months, but my brain just whirred along without producing any coherent thoughts any time I thought of writing a post.  However, I have been sewing!

I finished a new dress for Sadie today and began working on Mae Bae's sleeves.  The sleeves on this dress take forever to make.  They a combination of satin, silk scraps I had leftover from snood making and organza ribbon and putting them together takes a lot of time!  

I was planning on giving Sadie this dress next week as a surprise.  However, she stood next to my elbow as I sewed it, repeatedly asking that I "fit it" on her to make sure the dimensions were correct.  The second it was done she was changing out of the dress she was wearing to put it on.

I opted for a little collar, since I didn't think either girl would tolerate the traditional big Snow White collar.  And this time I made the dresses with zippers instead of velcro for the back closures.

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  1. Very cute. The sleeves look great. I made some like those for my wedding dress. I'd share how I made mine but it's way too hard to explain. Good job. Can't wait to see what's next.


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