Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Mommy, Daddy, I'm sorry..." And other quotes from the week!

Yesterday one of Mae's therapists looked out the window and suggested that we hurry out to our car a few minutes early after glancing at the clouds. We took her advice, and by the time we reached the parking lot trees were being whipped around by the high winds and the first few splashes or rain drops splashed down on us as lightening began to slash around the sky above our heads.  Mae giggled at the wind and rain as Paul quickly helped me load the car.  By the time we pulled out of the parking lot I was very grateful for the suggestion that we leave early, the storm had turned into a downpour (later we would hear on the radio that it was moving east at 40 mph with 60 mph winds).

Heading west we drove into the storm, which within minutes had water rising up from the streets to pour onto the sidewalks ("it's like being back in Florida!" I told Paul), just as the hail began to fall.

From the back seat Mae squealed in delight at the sound of the hail on the windshield and car roof as Sadie said in an almost serious voice:  "Mommy, Daddy... I'm sorry.  The storm is too powerful.  I just can't control it."

Because, you know... this:

Followed by a squeal and the words:  "This is awesome!!!!" about a minute later (in her best Rainbow Dash voice):

In totally unrelated news that I shared on the facebook page but also just had to share here as well, today during therapy Mae came charging over to try to convince us to increase her supply of bunny cookies.  She wanted them enough that she used three two word phrases!  I heard:

"How about..."
"Can you..."
"I want..."

What a day!

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