Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Fun Link Up Extravaganza (or lots of pictures of today's "pool party"!)

Once upon a time if you'd said "sports" to me I would have thought of uploading a picture like this one:

Me... around 2004 when rugby was my passion.
However earlier this week when I first saw that Sports was the Theme Thursday prompt my first thought was "summer is pretty much a sport around here," which is to say that when we go outside the kids have major activity expectations.  There will be pools and water and splashing.  There will be mud.  There will be reckless sliding into the water from the tower.  Someone might consider jumping off of the tower into a teeny tiny pool (there's been lots of thinking about it, but thankfully it hasn't actually happened).  

So now when I thought of the perfect picture to capture the topic I pictured an action shot like this one... or any of the pictures that follow:

And because I had far too much fun snapping pictures this afternoon I just knew I had to join in the fun over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for {phfr}!


After Popsicles and pool time someone was cold!
But the Popsicles were so good!
And swimming was so much fun!

Pool splashing!
Mud stomping!
And knitting. Yes, I was happy because everyone was too distracted
by having fun to try to steal my knitting needles!

Patch likes how Popsicles taste... he just wishes that they weren't so cold...
It's a little torturous since he won't hold it by the plastic at the bottom...
I've suggested it and the response involved screaming
because apparently I looked like I was going to steal his treat.
As I snapped this picture I said "where are you going?"
He responded with "going out."
Um... no.  19 month olds do not just get to head out on their own.

These are my favorites.  These are the pictures I'll look at again and again, when Mae climbed up next to me and pulled my arm around her so that she was cuddled up to my side and kept smiling up at me.  I got several kisses too.  This might have been my favorite part of the day:


  1. Looks like a great time!! I use mismatched socks on freezies and popsicles, it keeps hands warms and catches the drips.

  2. I love the expressions on their faces in the splashing pictures- looks like a fun afternoon!


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