Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Long Memory

Earlier this week one of Sadie's catalogs arrived in the mail.  We were flipping through it when we came to this picture:

This conversation followed:

Sadie: "Does this dress remind you of someone?"
Me: "You?"
Sadie:  "No."
Me:  "Maggie."
Sadie:  "No."
Me: "Me?"
Sadie:  "No.  Does this dress remind you of your grandma?"
Me:  "My grandma?"
Sadie:  "Yes.  Your grandma."
Me:  "Not really. But which grandma were you thinking of?"
Sadie:  "Hoey?"
Me:  "Hoho?" (the nickname given to my grandmother long before I was born by grandchildren who were trying to say her given name of Helen)
Sadie:  "Yes.  Does this dress remind you of her?"
Me:  "Not really. Why?"
Sadie (looking shocked):  "Because of the roses in the ocean."
Me: ...
Sadie:  "Remember?  When she died, we went out on a boat and threw roses in the ocean, didn't we?"
Me:  "Yes, we did.  You remember that?"
Sadie:  "Yes."

The reason that I was shocked that she remembered was because these are the pictures we snapped the weekend when we went out in a boat off of Point Lobos (where her family had a ranch years ago) for her memorial service:

Sadie was not even seventeen months old.  I was in the first trimester with Maggie.  And since I hardly remembered the roses, I was kind of shocked that she remembered them!


  1. I think it's beautiful she remembered. Children are really so very perceptive. It's amazing what they remember, sometimes!

    1. Me too! And I love how she remembered it as such a pretty picture (because when I think of the day I remember getting sea sick!)!

  2. I think some people just remember things from an earlier age than others. I can recall a few things from when I was about 19 months old. I was shocked when I found out that not everyone remembers a lot from early childhood. I'm guessing that tossing the roses out on the water must have really made a big impression on her for her to remember it. And how beautiful is it that she remembers her when she sees pretty dresses like that one?

    1. I love that it made such a beautiful impression! And I remember at the time that she was really, really interested in the roses... although I definitely wouldn't have guessed how much they stood out!

  3. My first memory is from about that age too. Except mine isn't half as meaningful so Sadie is ahead of the game. I have a really sharp memory now which was really helpful for school. I'm thinking she'll have that prayer memorized before long!

  4. I can't remember quite that far back, but I can remember things from when I was about 3 years old. It's really touching and impressive that Sadie can remember something like that when she was so little.


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