Monday, February 2, 2015

Headcoverings, Quilts and Chaplets! Oh my!

I'm hosting a February Sale on the blog with prices that are way lower than they are in my Etsy shops!  And I'm selling a few of the headcoverings that I already have made (that are no longer available in my shop!). 
The shipping prices below are for the United States.  If you're an international customer I can send you an estimate for shipping, because I do ship internationally! 
So these are the specials for my February Blog Sale!  If you're interested in buying one of the items (there are only one of each item available!) send me a message at .  I'll send the first person to message me a Paypal Invoice and as soon as the items been purchased I'll mark it sold here:


The Rose Quilt
Regularly $50 plus $8 shipping
Sale Price $25 plus $5 shipping

White Lace Headband
Regularly $22 plus $3 shipping
Sale Price $10 plus $2 shipping

Sky Blue Single Loop Veil
Regularly $25 plus $3 shipping
Sale Price $12 plus $3 shipping

Gold and Green Rosary
Regularly $30 plus $3 shipping
Sale Price $15 and $2 shipping

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