Wednesday, February 11, 2015

James Cuddles and More Brand New Words

James usually dozes through part of Sadie's morning lesson and then wakes up and wants to come out and sit on my lap and watch her as she works.  After he watches school time for a while I put him down on the floor near my feet, where I can protect him from any visiting siblings of the smaller-than-Sadie variety who may come over to cuddle him when they realize that he's down at their level. 

Inevitably Mae realizes that he's on the floor and comes sprinting over to tell him that she "love, love, loves" him and cover his face with kisses. 

The other day she enthusiastically threw herself down next to him, pressing her face against his and I started to worry that she was accidentally squishing him with her cuddles.  Gently I pulled her back a little, to make sure he had space to breath, and I saw that he was smiling up at her. 

When I tried to get her to sit next to him though, while encouraging her to be gentle, his little lip started to quiver and he was about to cry until she bent down right next to him again and started cuddling him again, her face right next to his face.

It always looks like she's almost squishing him, like she's almost being too rough, but his face glows as he looks up at her and so far, after many cuddles, she's never even made him cry, so that I'm beginning to suspect that despite appearances, she's being rather careful. 

Then, after a few minutes of cuddles, she's ready to go back to do her school work and he goes back to watching Sadie solve math problems. 

And in somewhat related news, today during therapy Maggie had a new set of tasks that she was working on.  In the past her therapist would put out a number of pictures of people with different expressions and Maggie points to the "happy" picture when they say "happy" or the "mad" picture when they say "mad." 

Today the program changed and she was to label the emotion herself (so she was supposed to say "happy" when she saw the happy picture and "surprised" when she saw the surprised picture).  She labeled every single picture, correctly, on the first try.  Happy, sad, mad, surprised, among others, one by one she said them as she was shown each picture. 

It's been quite the week and I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with next! 

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