Sunday, February 15, 2015

Maggie Proof: The Tulle Incident

A few days ago I walked into the girls' bedroom and found the tulle fabric that I'd draped along the top edge of the wall, on one side of the room, had been pulled down.  

You can ust barely see the fabric at the top edge of this picture.
I looked around and tried to figure out how Maggie could have possible gotten it down.  She broke the curtain rod last week, so that isn't even in the room any longer... I just couldn't figure out how she'd done it.

Today she and Sadie were playing and apparently she decided she wanted to get the other length of tulle down.  Sadie described what happened next.  

See that tent on the bed.  She took it apart.  She removed one of the tent poles from it.  And then she used one of the bright pink plastic tent poles to reach all the way up to the tulle and she ripped it off the wall.  

I don't even know how she was strong enough, with a plastic tent post to do that.  I spent a huge amount of time putting the tulle up there.  It wasn't easy, at all.  And I can hardly believe she was able to rip it down.

I have to admit that I'm constantly in awe of her resourcefulness and skill when it comes to getting in to different kinds of "trouble."  

But let's face it... she still hasn't topped this moment:

I really feel like she should be some sort of a product tester... because if a product is Maggie proof it can pretty much withstand anything.


  1. Oh dear! Lol! I wonder who you'd call to get her into product testing.

    1. I wish I knew... although maybe manufacturers wouldn't really want to know what the results would be!


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