Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Figuring Out What She's Trying to Say

Yesterday Mae came over to the dining room table where Sadie and I were working on spelling, holding one of her little square laminated picture cards and then grabbing my finger and guiding it to the center of the picture.  When I glanced down I saw that it was a picture of her little school table that she works at, day after day, with her therapist. 

The following conversation has had me smiling for the rest of the day, every time I thought about it:

Me:  "Table."  I said and she tapped my finger against the card again.  "Table?"
Mae:  "Na."
Me: "Table?"
Mae:"Na.  Naaaaaa."
Me (to Mae's Monday therapist): "What word do you use for table?"
Mae's therapist (MT) "Table.  What's she saying?"
Me: "I think she's saying 'no.'  Or something like no.  She keeps saying 'na.'"
MT: "Knock.  Is she saying knock?  Because we have her 'knock on' the table."
They've been working on having Mae respond to multi step instructions, so they'll ask her to do something like clap and then knock on the table.
Me:  "Oh!  That definitely could be it."
Mae (clearly):  "Knock!  Knock!"
Me: "Knock?"
Mae:  (giggling) "Knock on!  Knock on!" (running over to jump on the couch while still holding the card in her hand "Knock on!  Knock on!" (and then glancing at her therapist)  "Work at!"  And with that she ran back over to her table and sat down and went back to doing her work.

Apparently she was talking about what she does at the table, rather than just labeling the table itself! 

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