Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Photos are Here

The pictures that we had taken at our parish for the directory arrived (if you're on Facebook you may have already seen them) and really, they came out better than I possibly could have hoped for.  No one is crying.  Everyone is looking at the camera.  

The photographer said that it took all of his skill to snap this one and it truly did.  Paul pointed out that Patch looks remarkably happy for a child who was screaming hysterically approximately three seconds before this picture was taken.  

He would holler to get down and then the photographer would lift up a bear puppet and he would laugh hysterically.  

James, however, did not trust the puppet and was incredibly serious in every single picture.  He doesn't quite have his Grumpy Baby face on, but it's close.  He was pretty sure that the bear was actually eating Daddy's nose and he was not amused.  

Maggie wanted to get as close to me as she possibly could and decided she absolutely needed to be resting her head on my shoulder, which I love.  

I also love that Sadie lost her first top tooth shortly before these were taken!  

And so here's the first professionally taken family photo we've ever had:  

A picture of a picture
Maybe we'll have to try this again some time before too many years go by!  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.


  1. Cammie said, "Maybe we'll have to try this again some time before too many years go by!"

    Yes! Do! Because once the years go by, you can't recapture the unique family you were at this moment. These wonderful photos become such sweet mementos. My mom had a family portrait hanging in her living room- a simple photo taken in front of her family's home around 1940 or so, when she was about 23 or 24. It is a photo of her mom and dad, her maternal grandmother, her and all her brothers and sisters. Everyone is dressed up, and so young! She told me it was the last family photo ever taken of them all together in one place, since everyone was an adult by then. Some of these people I never met, since they died before I was born. For her, as she became elderly, it evoked sweet memories of her family and times of great love and joy. For me, it is a visual reminder of those from whom I came, all gone now, but who live on in Christ, and whom I will hopefully be reunited with someday. My family.

    God bless. ~ Bonnie

  2. Love it! And Sadie's bright smile with a missing tooth is the most precious thing!

  3. Love it! You'll treasure this photo always!


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