Saturday, May 2, 2015

So Many Smiles

Are you in the mood to look at way too many baby pictures?  

If you are keep scrolling on down this page because I went a little crazy with my camera over the course of the last few days.  

James always seems more than willing to smile when he sees my phone come out.  In fact, today he cried when I stopped taking pictures of him.  And when he's fussy there's a fairly good chance he'll stop fussing when he sees the phone raised like I'm taking a picture.

And so here's the hammiest (wow, I had no idea "hammiest" was a real word, but spell check is not underlining it, so I guess it is) baby I've ever met with three days worth of smiles:  

I snuck in a frown there at the end when I snapped a picture really quickly before he was ready.

But for the most part I don't see many "Grumpasaurus" moments these days!


  1. How very sweet! It's funny to look at his newborn pictures and all the grumpy faces, and now these huge smiles! Aww!

  2. If you had time (yeah! right!) he could probably be a baby model. No kidding. Do you notice how he looks a little different in most pictures, almost like a different child? That's what they look for in adult models - someone who depending on lighting and facial expression looks different from other photos of them. It allows the advertiser to get a seeming variety of faces without hiring many different models.
    Anyway, he's a beautiful baby, and so glad he's smiley, not grumpy.
    God bless. ~ Been


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