Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Return of the Grumpy Baby

Just in case you were thinking that James is all smiles these days, he does unleash his withering disapproval once and while.

Yesterday it was directed at his siblings.  And me.  Probably especially me.

They were the pool.

He wasn't.  

Being as he still has really low muscle tone in his torso (I'd say like a four month old if memory serves) being in the baby pools with his wild siblings isn't really a possibility yet.

Here's what he saw:

And here's what he thought about it:

Almost buddy, almost.

Just work a little harder on your PT with Mommy and you'll be right there with them.

Unfortunately what he thinks about PT is even worse (think hysterics) so it's slow going.


  1. Seriously ... that frown. The furrowed brow! The intense disapproval of his lot in life. Love it!

  2. I just love that little grump face! Cracks me up!


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