Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Big Day!

Today was not supposed to be a big day.  Sadie woke up with a stuffy nose and a cough, although she was smiling through it all when I carried her down stairs.  Then our sick horse, Sammy, who was looking a little bit better last night, got even sicker and needed to go to the vet.  Everyone's getting sick around her at once (I think Paul is almost over his cold).  So I canceled my plans to go to town (I was going to leave Sadie with Nani, but when she was eating breakfast she looked so tiny and sniffly that I just couldn't go through with the idea of leaving her, even if it was just for an hour and a half).  

By midmorning Grumpa had brought Sammy back (the vet had claimed that he was better, he wasn't.  He was back at the vet this evening and may be back again tomorrow morning) and Sadie looked to be feeling better (frequent trips into the steamed up bathroom are really great).  My aunt and cousin are visiting from the Bay Area and when the family decided that everyone should go get pizza we decided to go along, although we did bring our own car just in case we needed to leave.  When we got to Round Table Sadie seemed to be doing fine so I carefully cleaned the table with a wipe (there's just no way around the fact that she's going to lick the table when she can reach it) and sat her in a high chair.  She was thrilled to be sitting up like a big girl!  She waved when I walked over from the salad bar and seemed quite pleased with herself.  She's getting so big!

After that the family had planned to go see Marley and Me, while Sadie and I had planned to go home.  She was doing so well though, that we decided to give it a try.  I really didn't think we'd last for very long.  Sadie was entranced by the screen.  She watched the first third or the movie, slept through the second third and then we walked during the last third because she wanted to talk to the people on the screen and we didn't think that the other movie goers would appreciate that.  When the two main characters argued Sadie would make little "mmmmm mmmm mmmm" noises like she was lecturing them (I would quickly pop binky into her mouth because, again, this was something I didn't think the people around us would find as endearing).  She made it through all but the last fifteen minutes of the movie, which was pretty good for her first time in a theater.

Grumpa headed home after the movie to check on Sammy and Sadie and I drove Nani to the store to pick up a few things for New Year's Eve's dinner.  At the store Sadie sat up in the cart like a big girl (another first)!  Because the trip wasn't planned we hadn't brought the seat protector for the cart and when I put my sweater down so Sadie couldn't lick the cart she squealed in anger, but finally settled for touching the bar with her hand. 

And when we got home Sadie had apples for dinner.  She's now had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, peas and apples!   

Since I started writing this blog tonight we had a mini disaster.  Sammy took a turn for the worst and while dad was on the phone with the vet I had to slog out through the mud, which is almost above my barn boots, in the pitch black darkness to roust Sammy out of the barn and get him to walk.  It was to dark to undo the latch on the fence so I had to climb over it (this almost resulted in another accident, because the fence was slippery and it was so dark) while Paul parked the car so we had light.  I could see little animal eyes looking at us in the dark. Sammy finally got up.  Then we walked and walked and walked.  So tomorrow it looks like there will be another vet appointment.  And Sadie has her six month appointment, so we'll have new measurements!  

It's been a busy day.

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