Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Merry Christmas!

Sadie's first Christmas was amazing!  We went a little overboard with the whole gift thing for the baby.  I think it was because we kept seeing little toys over the course of the year and buying them little by little and then completely forgetting about what we had stashed away in the closet.  It was a kind of ridiculous! 

We went to Mass on Christmas Eve in the middle of a snow storm.  Sadie was okay at first, but by the end she had started to let us know that we were out past bed time and that she was ready for her bath (she gets really fussy when we deviate from the routine).  She did amuse herself by playing peekaboo with a statue of Mary during the service.  Getting there was alright but getting home was a scary.  The highway was covered with snow on Oregon Mountain and they wouldn't have let us through if we hadn't borrowed my parents car for the trip.  

Grumpa had to work on Christmas, from 7am to 7pm on chain control.  Sadie woke early and was bouncing off the walls.  She could tell that today is a special day.  When we got down stairs we put her on a blanket next to the tree and she started grabbing packages and wrestling with them.  At one point she was rolling around on her back holding onto her toes.  I asked her if she was playing with her toes and in a perfectly clear voice she said "no."  Paul was videotaping the entire thing and we replayed it about 50 time and she actually said it!  We couldn't figure out where she learned the word, because she really is very good and it's not a word we say very often to her (I did say it the other day when she tried to touch the stove).  Then when we were watching the "Your Baby Can Read" DVD before her nap I figured it out.  It showed the word "no" and said "No.  Can you say No?" (apparently the answer to that question is "yes").  

She sat on Paul's lap while the presents were unwrapped and had a little bit of a meltdown about her new toys being placed next to her old toys.  She really seemed very concerned that it looked different in her little play area.  She even refused to kiss her new doll.  She fussed and finally fell asleep and while she slept I straightened up the toy area.  When she woke up she played with the red barn that Nani and Grumpa had given her, moving the little chicken back and forth and peering through the windows.  

After that we tried peas (we've found a food that she actually doesn't want to eat.  And it is peas.) and rice cereal.  Now Daddy is about to go off to work for the night and we are going to sleep.  

Good Night!

Sadie playing with her toes 
(about to say the word "no" when asked if she's playing with her toes).

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