Monday, December 29, 2008

Duck, Duck...Peekaboo?

The last six months have flown by as Sadie's grown and changed from a newborn into a baby with a strong, budding personality.  Unfortunately when Sadie is fussy time slows to a crawl and minutes start to feel like hours.  Distractions work... kind of... for short amounts of time, but the novelty of a new distraction usually wears off in two to three minutes and then whining turns into crying as Sadie realizes that her nose is still stuffy and her tummy still hurts.  

Being sick does mean lots of long naps (that was actually the first sign that she was sick) but in the time in between those naps Sadie wants to play, or at least be entertained.  She doesn't want to be held because she wants to be playing, but she definitely doesn't want to be put down either.  We've had to be creative.  And we've come up with a new game.  Paul named it... Duck, Duck...Peekaboo.  It's not really a cross between Duck, Duck, Goose and Peekaboo, but when Paul saw it for the first time that was what he thought of and Sadie and I stole the name.  It goes like this:

The Baby sits on someone's lap (usually Nani or Daddy or Grumpa's) and the other person (me) stands across the room holding the pink bouncy ball with their back turned.  The ball holder jumps up in the air and twists around.  I end facing the baby, and pretend to throw the ball.  This is apparently one of the funniest things in the entire world to Sadie.  This can be repeated as many times as the jumper wants (although you will start to get tired).  This is the "duck" part of the "duck, duck, goose" portion of the game.  The "goose" part is when the ball holder springs around, just like all the other times, but shouts "peekaboo."  The baby will actually fall off the baby holder's lap if they aren't holding on tight enough.  Every single time you add the word "peekaboo" she jumps.  

After about ten minutes of playing Duck, Duck...Peekaboo Sadie's laughter will start to get a little quieter.  This is because she's exhausted from all the laughing and jumping.  She usually passes out within a few minutes of playing the game.  Duck, Duck...Peekaboo makes ten minutes feel like ten minutes instead of an hour and a half.

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