Friday, December 26, 2008

Pinching and Breakfast

Sadie's personality has really started to develop (or at least show through now that she's more coordinated).  She seems to have very strong opinions (especially about food) and a bit of a stubborn streak.  Here's how it started this morning.  In an effort to get some sleep I had broken down at about midnight last night and let Sadie get into the big bed.  After getting up every two hours for the past six months I have become more willing to cave in and let her get in bed, instead of spending all night getting up and feeding her before putting her back down in her crib.  The fact that Paul works from 11-7 every night means there's tons of room in the bed and she's big enough now that I don't worry about rolling over her.

At 4am Sadie decided it was morning.  And then she woke up again at 5am.  At 6 she decided it was definitely time for Mommy to get up.  I found myself being kicked into wakefulness.  I popped Binkie into her mouth and tried to convince her to go back to sleep one last time.  I really, really wanted to make it all the way to 6:45, our normal wake-up time.  After a few minutes of the normal hitting and kicking Mommy and repeatedly saying the word "poof," which is what she says when she wants to get out of bed, she relaxed and was still.  I held my breath hoping she had fallen asleep.  Less than a minute later I felt a hard little pinch on my arm.  

It was time to get up.  Within an hour we had our second "incident" of the day.

Nani was feeding Sadie her breakfast so that I could shower before we left for Redding.  I had used water to make her rice cereal, instead of the usual milk, because I was in a hurry and didn't have time to get the milk ready.  I had forgotten my brush down stairs and when I came down to get it I heard laughter in the dining room.  Nani was cleaning a clump of cereal off the floor and Paul was eating breakfast.  

Nani said that after tasting the cereal Sadie had made little gagging faces and frowned.  Sadie then hit the cereal bowl so hard that she had knocked it out of her grasp and onto the floor.  Sadie then looked quite pleased with herself and ate the rest of her breakfast (which I remade, taking the time to use milk) without complaint.  

For the remainder of the day Sadie was in a cheerful mood.  She zipped around Redding talking to everyone everywhere we went.  She gets a little bit fussy when the people she's talking to ignore her (everyone's supposed to look when she talks!), but other than that she had a great day (that is, after the initial pinching and bowl throwing, this morning).

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