Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Own Little Flirt

Paul would like to believe that Sadie is shy. However the more time we spend outside the house, the more all evidence points to the contrary. I think that the idea that she's shy comes from her obsession with trying to draw every single person she meets into a rousing game of peekaboo. When she meets a new person she smiles, turns away, and hides her face against my shoulder. This lasts for about five seconds. She then snaps her head back around and smiles before hiding her face again. By the second time she snaps back around to look she's usually laughing hysterically. She plays peekaboo pretty much all day long. She's coordinated enough now to pull a blanket or towel up over her face and then fling it back down (which is also always followed by hysterical laughter. Life is pretty funny these days).

Yesterday we went to the Trinity Holiday Tournament in Weaverville, where Grumpa is working as an All Tournament Judge. The high school gym at THS was filled with screaming high school students and parents. I knew before we got to the game that Sadie would have one of two reactions. She would either be completely overwhelmed and try to fall asleep (her usual reaction to being overwhelmed), or she would be bouncing off the walls squealing. The moment we walked through the doors her eyes lit up. She loved it.

I put her in her baby bjorn and stood, so she could see over the judges table to the court below. She squealed and screamed in delight when the crowd yelled and also had bouts of laughing hysterically for no particular reason. She smiled at every person whose eye she could catch. And then she saw a family coming up the stairs and walking towards us. A mom with three little boys sat down on a bleacher about five feet away from us. The boys looked to be about 6, 4, and 2. They were all blonde with cheeks that were rosy from the cold and the four year old noticed Sadie right away and waved happily to her.

Sadie went crazy. She squealed and smiled and kicked her feet happily. The four year old hugged his mom and looked a little bit frightened. Sadie spent the rest of the game glancing over at the boys and smiling and watching the basketball game and squealing at appropriate times, while the little boy peered around his mom to watch Sadie. Everyone around us was amused by her antics.

I definitely don't think Sadie is going to be shy!

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