Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Bath Tub: Part 2

After the last bathtub fiasco I thought I had an idea that would soften the transition to the big tub.  I thought that trying out Sadie's little bathtub in the big jacuzzi tub, might make her more comfortable in the big jacuzzi tub later on without the baby bath tub.  So for a second time I got everything all set up for the baby to take a bath.  Except that this time I also filled the jacuzzi tub around the bath tub and put on my bathing suit.  The next step was to actually put the baby in the tub.  It went something like this.

Step #1:  I line the rubber ducky collection up on a small ledge that's at baby level.  There are six ducks and a small green frog.  I hope that they will provide a distraction in the event of a meltdown.
Step #2:  I get in the big tub and sit down next to the baby tub.  I place Sadie in the baby tub.
Step #3: Sadie gives me a look that says that she KNOWS that something is different and that she's not altogether sure that she likes it.
Step #4: Sadie's lip starts to quiver.  I recognize the pre-meltdown expression.  If she starts to actually cry it's all over.  There's no coming back from a meltdown once she decides that she DOESN'T WANT TO BE IN THE BATH!!!
Step #5:  I start to sing The Rubber Ducky Song in my most cheerful voice.  I plaster the happiest expression on the planet across my face.  If she thinks I look worried (about the upcoming meltdown) it's all over.
Step #6:  She starts to smile.  Thirty-four seconds later however, she remembers that she doesn't like this bathtub, that it's not at all the same as her other bathtub and that she's terrified.  
Step #7:  I remove the squirming baby from the bath before she starts to scream.  

At least it's a step in the right direction!

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