Saturday, December 27, 2008

Baby Milestones

It's hard to believe that 2008 is almost over!  It seems like just yesterday it was December 2007 and I felt huge (but had no idea what huge really was...that wasn't until late spring...) and was just starting to get over extreme morning sickness.  There have been a lot of changes in the past year.  And there have been important (and less important, but very cute) milestones.  Here are a few that come to mind.
1)  Sadie was born!  (Redding, June)
2) We go to our first store.  And it is Tractor Supply Store... (Redding, June)
3) Our first barbeque. (Dunsmuir, CA, June)
4) Our first vacation/ family reunion (Bandon, OR, August)
5) Sadie starts shocking everyone by saying "hi."  Particularly when a cat walks into the room. (September)
6) Sadie rolls over (June) and then forgets how to roll over (thank goodness) for another few months.
7) Sadie gets too big for her first bassinet (July) and then her next bassinet (mine) (September) and then another bassinet (October) and finally moves into her big crib (and decides that she misses her bassinet).  
8) Sadie starts lunging at every piece of food that comes within a two foot radius of her and trying to shove it into her mouth.  She toughs it out another two weeks until the doctor okays rice cereal and surprises herself by not starving to death.  (October)
9) Sadie's first Thanksgiving!
10) Sweet Potatoes!!! (December)
11) Sadie realizes that she can travel across the room if she rolls onto her stomach and then her back and then her stomach, ect.  For the first few days she can only roll to her left, so she rolls until she gets to something blocking her path and cries to be picked up and put across the room so she can do it again.  (December)
12) Sadie's first Christmas!
13)  Peas.  Yuck.  Peas. (December 25th)
14)  Sadie shocks us by saying "no!" when asked if she's playing with her toes (the answer to that question these days is always yes.  Toes are her "new thumbs."
15) Peas!  Yay!  Peas.  (Sadie decides she likes peas.  December 26th)

Another picture of Christmas morning!

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