Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sippy Cups and Sadie's Budding Personality

One of the first signs of Sadie's budding personality came about a month ago when Paul walked into the room and asked me to sign a paper.  He handed me the pen (which was one of the pink, breast cancer pens that they were handing out on breast cancer awareness day) and as I attempted to write my name, Sadie attempted to grab the pen out of my hand.  After a few tries I shifted her away from the pen and said "Sadie, please don't touch that.  Mommy's trying to sign something."  I didn't really expect her to understand what I was saying, but her reaction was pretty interesting.  

She looked straight at me before glancing at the pen and then back at my face.  After that she looked a third time at the pen and then raised her little hand and gave it a good smack.  Paul started laughing hysterically and Sadie looked quite pleased with herself.  

Lately Sadie's personality is seen most clearly when she has her sippy cup (or the baby toothbrush with yellow duckies on it that we picked up the other day at Longs).  We got Sadie a sippy cup because of her obsession with cups whenever we were at restaurants.  We tried a few times and she's really pretty good at drinking out of a grown up cup.  The doctor said she could have an ounce of water at a time so we thought we'd give a no-spill sippie cup a try.  

It was love at first sight.  Sadie adores her sippie cup.  She only gets to play with it a couple times a day and then not for very long.  If she had it her way I think that it would never leave her hand and that it would probably sleep in her crib with her.  Removing the sippie cup from her little hands has become a daily challenge.  Sadie holds on to the sippie cup with a baby death grip.  If I'm going to get it away from her without a meltdown I have to have something to trade and even then there's a good chance that there's going to be a fuss when the little pink cup leaves her hands.  

She would like me to trade the sippie cup for one of her two other favorite toys, a baby spoon or her baby toothbrush, but after watching her nearly poke herself in the eye a number of times with both of them I've been trying softer substitutes.  Unfortunately apparently, toys that are deemed "safe" by mom, just aren't as fun.  

So Sadie is already developing a strong, stubborn little personality.  And that's without relating the "Rubber Ducky Toothbrush Incident" that took place a few days ago in Longs when I tried to reclaim her new toothbrush so that the checker could scan it so we could pay for it.  The meltdown tantrum that followed was quite dramatic.

Sadie is definitely becoming her own little person. 

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