Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Baby Might be a Redneck...

Sadie loves going shopping with us.  She loved to stare at all the colors and lights when she was tiny and her eyesight wasn't great yet, and now she loves to sit up in her Pink Jeep Big-Girl-Stroller, kick her feet and squeal (or blow raspberries depending on her mood) at every person she sees (and I mean literally every single person).  She also likes to go fast down the aisles and gets a little bit antsy when we stop to look at something or try to put something in the cart.  

There is one store, however, that is clearly her favorite.  When we walk through the doors she starts to squeal and blow raspberries simultaneously, and continues to do so until she's back in  the car strapped into her car seat.  It also happens to be the first store that we ever took her to (although she was so tiny that I sat in the car with her instead of going inside) and that in itself just might put her in the "Redneck" category (if living in Junction City doesn't do that all on it's own- a quick side note- if you're actually from Junction City there's even a different accent than the normal, Northern California accent.  People here pronounce the word "creek" "crik."  And that's just the beginning.  It's almost like an accent that came out here with the miners during the Gold Rush in 1849 and then survived in the back hills, completely unchanged right up to the present time.)  But I digress.  Back to the point.

Sadie's favorite store is the Tractor Supply Store.  

And I have no idea why this is.  She wasn't born when they had little live baby chicks in spring, so that can't be it (baby chicks are the reason PV Ranch and home was my favorite store when I was little).  The store isn't particularly colorful or noisy.  It doesn't have Santa and elves like the mall.  But she loves it.  She even has ear-splitting conversations with the cashiers every time we checkout.  

They do have tiny ATV's and little pink cowboy boots and hundreds of John Deer Tractor toys.  The ATV's are actually Sadie's size and really run (they have a pink one with a purple seat).  I haven't decided yet whether they're funny or scary.  I'm leaning towards scary (the idea of an 18-month old on an ATV is kind of scary!).  

For whatever reason Sadie loves it.  I think she might be taking after Grandpa.

She might be a little Redneck!  

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