Monday, December 15, 2008

Sadie and Her Book

Sadie's exersaucer has a little three-page plastic book on it.  When she first started playing in her exersaucer she was more interested in the lights and sounds that the buttons on the front make and in a particular little pink and purple butterfly that she tries to eat on a daily basis.  She's also endlessly fascinated with the little plastic balls on the front (how she can throw them over and over again and then fuss for them and watch Mommy get up, walk across the room and hand them back to her to throw again).  

However, in the last week she has become obsessed with the little book.  She will now sit and open and close the book the entire time she's in the exersaucer.  

The book apparently has rules that Sadie has made up, and appears to understand perfectly.  From what I've been able to figure out the rules go something like this.  

1.  NO ONE other than Sadie is allowed to touch the book.  
(If I, or anyone else touch the book, a complete temper tantrum ensues.)
2.  NO ONE is allowed near the book.
(We might 'accidently' touch it.  Wandering too close to the book or acting like you're going to touch it can result in a temper tantrum.)
3.  The book is to remain closed at all times, when not in use.
(I tested this one out by opening the book before I put her in the saucer when she wasn't looking.  If the book is open she will immediately pull herself all the way around the exersaucer to close it.)
4.  The pages of the book can be turned or chewed on.  

I think there may be other rules to playing with the book, but I'm not allowed near enough to it to figure them out.  I do know that Sadie loves her book and that she is very protective of it.  I think we're discovering a little bit of a stubborn streak (that she seems to get from both sides.  A double dose of stubborn!).  

Right now we're in the middle of a snow storm (it's actually a break right now before the second storm hits) and we're about to go out to see and touch our first real snow.  Daddy's working his first shift as chain control for CalTrans (between night shifts at his other job).  There's enough snow for chain control!  It's so exciting!

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