Friday, December 19, 2008

We're Mobile! (and our first ouchie!)

Sadie is officially mobile.  Or, at least, she's getting there.  Sadie's growing mobility has accelerated in the last few days and the hours (or 10 minute periods) of putting her on the ground so she can play with her toys and amuse herself appear to be over (I always supervised her, but I knew she wasn't going anywhere from the middle of her quilt.  Supervision is now going to involve being on the blanket itself).  

Yesterday Sadie made a huge discovery.  It came in two parts.  First she realized that she could control rolling from her front onto her back.  She's been doing this for a while, but not consistently and I don't think she actually knew that she had any control over it.  A short while later she realized that if she rolled onto her stomach and then onto her back and then onto her stomach again she could travel across the blanket.  This realization was quickly followed by our first almost accident when Sadie traveled about five feet across a quilt and was stopped just short of smacking into the bottom of the coffee table in an attempt to get to a 20-year old Rudolph doll that walks and sings Christmas carols.

Today we had our first actual accident, which makes me want to wrap Sadie in bubble wrap before I put her down on the ground and will also likely kick of rounds of baby proofing all around the house.  After being placed on her quilt in the middle of the living room, Sadie played happily with her little music playing sea horse.  I was on the couch about four feet away and Nani had just walked back into the room from the kitchen.  I saw her start to roll, but she was headed towards a pile of blankets and I figured that a pile of blankets couldn't do any real damage.  It wasn't high enough to fall over and I was only a few feet away, making sure she was safe.  With an acrobatic little twist roll, however, she changed course at the last moment and before I could stand up she had smacked head first into the TV stand.  

She's a tough little thing and she had been scooped up with a little red mark forming on her forehead before her lip started to tremble.  I knew that crawling was going to present dangers, but rolling had seemed relatively harmless (no longer).  I have visions of baby gates and outlet covers.  Today is definitely going to be a day of baby proofing.  

I now have visions of a big bruise in the middle of Sadie's forehead for all the pictures on Christmas morning!

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