Sunday, December 28, 2008

One Sick Baby...

It's easy to tell when Sadie's feeling sick.  She's a cheerful baby and while she does have fussy moments, she's very easy to distract.  Sadie woke up this morning sniffling and rubbing her eyes.  She had been up, eating, a lot last night, but that's not totally unusual (unfortunately).  Things deteriorated quickly.  We usually have a little play time on the floor before we have rice cereal, but today the very idea of being put down on the floor brought tears to her eyes.  The thought of being put in her high chair brought on another meltdown.  

As of this morning I can recognize another one of Sadie's cries.  It is the sick cry and it may be the saddest sound that I have ever heard.  It's very similar to her "ouch" cry, but it's smaller and at times almost sounds like a kitten meowing.  We heard it a lot today.

By the end of breakfast I had given up on the idea of making it to church.  Paul was working chain control and the idea of driving over the hill in the stormy weather with a sick baby, much less getting her into church and through a service, was pretty much impossible.  We decided to watch it on tv (and getting through that with the sick baby was nearly impossible).  

Throughout the day there were little bright spots where Sadie felt better.  She would insist on being put down on the ground because she thought that she wanted to play with her toys, but then she would realize that she still felt sick and the sad little meowing cry would start again.  So today will be a short blog.  I have a sick baby to take care of!  

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