Monday, December 8, 2008

Raspberries and Coughs

This morning was a feast day so Sadie and I went to Mass in Redding.  We left super early and made it to the 8:30 Mass, which just happened to be the children's Mass.  Sadie was in her baby bjorn and was in a particularly good (hyper might be more accurate) mood, which made me more than a little nervous.  There are two things that are important to know about Sadie's good moods. 

1)  Sadie coughs when she is in a good mood and she feels that she should be the center of attention.  If she feels that she isn't getting enough attention she will cough and cough and cough until she has EVERYONE'S attention.

2)  When she has all the attention that she feels that she deserves, she blows raspberries.  These raspberries are frequently pretty messy as she doesn't have great drool control.  They're also a good way to secure the attention of everyone around her.

Sadie was sitting pretty quietly when it was only grown ups in the room.  I wasn't actually sure that it was a children's mass until the first class (who looked to be kindergardeners and first graders) filed in.  It didn't help that the school uniforms are red, which happens to be the color that makes Sadie laugh hysterically (you should have seen her during the Republican National Convention).  The raspberries started immediately.  She blew non-stop raspberries until about a minute after the class was seated a few rows in front of us. This was repeated with the second and third grade classes, and with a small group of preschoolers.  

I don't think Sadie had ever seen that many "big kids" in one place and she was thrilled.  It may have been the most fun she had ever had in her entire life (or it may have tied with peekaboo, which is currently her favorite game in the entire world).  I was pleasantly surprised when Mass started and Sadie calmed down.  She sat quietly right up until the very end when a three year old, four rows in front of us revealed a little doll in a pink onsie.  She was tossing the doll into the air.  With about a minute left in the service Sadie started to squeal.  They were just tiny squeals, with intermittent coughs and raspberries, but it was pretty cute (it would have stressed me out if it had happened earlier on though).  

So here's to what was most likely, the best morning in Sadie's whole, entire life.  

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