Monday, December 15, 2008

Your Baby Can Read

I don't usually get sucked in to buying products from infomercials.  On the few occasions when I've been sleep deprived with a fussy baby who sleeps when I'm holding her but screams when I put her down (that was really just the first month) I managed to keep myself from buying anything by leaving my wallet in my purse by the door (all the way across the house).  In fact I don't remember ever buying something after seeing it on TV before I saw the "Your Baby Can Read" half hour ad.  It happened two months ago when the baby was asleep in my arms and I was looking for something entertaining to watch until she woke up.  There was nothing worth watching on the satellite.  So I clicked on the Your Baby Can Read half hour paid advertisement.  
The ad shows babies reading.  Lots of babies.  Babies that are barely walking.  An eighteen month old says "hippopotamus."  And all of the babies are fascinated by the program.  They really seem to love it.

I was skeptical.  I resisted ordering.  After all, my wallet was all the way across the room.  A few days later I saw the same ad.  The next time it was on I got Paul to come in and watch it with me.  He thought it looked like a good idea, and the ad said it was only $14.95 (it is not only $14.95, it's more like $14.95 for shipping and handling if you decide not to keep it!).  But by then I had been brainwashed by watching Dr. Titzer talk about the groundbreaking research that had gone into creating Your Baby Can Read.  We were sold.

It took a while to get here and when I popped in the DVD and tried to get a four month old Sadie to watch it she was less than impressed.  The baby that tries to crane her head to watch TV from across the room, turned away when I actually set her in front of it.  I tried the second day and the same thing happened.  On day #3 she watched about ten minutes of it without fussing.  By the end of the second week it was one of her favorite things to do.

I don't know yet if she's actually learning to read, but she loves listening to the songs and watching the animals.  And sometimes when it says "wave" she waves.  

Yesterday Sadie sat against the couch and watched the DVD on her own (ok, I was sitting inches away making sure she didn't tip over).  She was so intent on watching I had to take pictures.  This was the result.

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